Cheaters never win, winners never cheat

It’s dilemma time…

I recently found out that a friend of mine, (its important to mention that were not that close) has a boyfriend who is cheating on her. 

For me personally I have absolutely no sympathy for a cheater.  I understand having urges and feelings that grow for someone else, but have the respect to break it off with the person you’re seeing.  How can you build a relationship on dishonesty?  To me it just doesn’t make any sense, yes I can admit people are only human and people do make mistakes.  If you make a mistake then you try to fix it not hold it in for 6 months and let it settle.  Trust me secrets always come out no matter what, and I truly believe KARMA is a mean old bitch!

Now back to the friend… it put me in an awkward position.. do i tell her?  Do I wait for him to tell her?  Every time she talks about him its like a feeling overwhelms me.. she deserves to know.

Its a hard place to be.. the point of this blog post is boys… keep your dick in your trousers, or break it off with your significant other before you cheat.  Girls.. don’t be whore with someone else s heart.  Cheating will end in someone getting hurt, trust me it isn’t worth it.Image



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