Relying on Others

In life you are going to have those moments where you need some one else’s help, but when is it too much to rely on someone else?

I think that making sure you pull your weight in any situation is so important and can help you for future success.  Although this might be true, sometimes you may need a little guidance, someone to help you find your way.  Lately i’ve had the opportunity to work with a friend, although this person is a friendly nice individual they tend to slack on the whole (ill have your back. you have mine).  When is it okay to say something?  When is enough enough, I find myself venting and ranting to friends and i feel like soon ill have to say something.  I guess this blog is solely a way to get my frustrations out without having to explode on anyone.  So for whoever is reading this or most likely no one, thank you for helping me vent.  


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